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Is Dental Care Affordable?
Depending on the type of dental care you need, it is important to research financing options and discuss payment plans before your dental procedure. Cleary Dental can help provide assistance in making dental care affordable. We'll have to first evaluate your condition, then suggest a treatment and payment plan accordingly. At Cleary Dental we offer several different dental services, procedures, and treatments.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable, prosthetic teeth. They serve as a replacement for missing teeth. There are different types and materials used for dentures. Discuss affordable and long-lasting options with Dr. Courtney Cleary.

Full dentures cover the entire curve structure that holds your teeth. They sit on your gums and gain support from your palate and jawbone ridge. Dentures are removable, and you can conveniently take them out at night.
Partial dentures rest on your gums and jawbone as well. However, they don't cover the entire set. They have clasps attached to your natural teeth, and so only cover certain areas. They can be used to safeguard missing tooth gaps or chipped teeth.

Some cases require tooth extractions before dentures. For such instances, an immediate denture is worn right after tooth extraction. Immediate dentures are momentarily worn; once your jaws get some rest, you'll wear your assigned dentures.

Implant-supported dentures cannot be removed. If you do not want to opt for removable dentures, Dr. Courtney Cleary will insert implant-supported dentures that only they can remove.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A titanium screw is drilled into your bone to make space for a dental implant. The implant is then posted and screwed back tightly to ensure apt placement. Dental implants are a long-term solution and so relatively fewer visits to the clinic.

A dental implant consists of an implant, an abutment, and a crown. The implant is a titanium-made post, an abutment sits on top of the post, and a crown finishes the look.

Dental implants typically lasts a lifetime. Dental implants also look completely natural, in addition to being able to endure wear and tear.

Dentures vs. Implants

If you're considering costs as a defining factor, dentures may be the suitable choice because you will pay less than what you typically would for a dental implant. They're also a relatively quick fix since you don't need to opt for surgery. Dentures are also a prominent choice if your jawbone is weak.

However, dentures require consistent care and need to be cleaned regularly. Implants, however, are a one-time solution for your tooth replacement. Though the one-time cost may be more, it's a long-term and hassle-free solution.

Implants don't require special cleaning; they match your natural teeth and are a solid replacement for missing teeth.

Implants provide a strong support base since they're fixed into your jawbone. Conversely, dentures may be a tight fit, but they may need to be replaced every few years. Dentures can initially cost less but more over time as you will need to get them adjusted or get new ones. Dental implants can feel like a high cost up front, but you won't need to have them replaced.

As far as eating is concerned, you have to be careful when consuming hard or sticky foods with dentures. Over time, dental implants will not affect your ability to eat anything.

However, it's crucial you consult Dr. Courtney Cleary, who will suggest the most appropriate plan for you after they've conducted a dental examination.

Implants vs Bridges

A dental bridge is typically a pontic tooth held steady by dental crowns. A dental bridge will cover the space on each side of the missing gap. Dental bridges help restore the overall look of your smile and ease your eating abilities. If you've had speech trouble, this will solve that issue.

Dental bridges also restrict the movement of other teeth, which may happen due to an open gap in the arch. Based on your condition, it's best to consult our dentists to see which options are feasible for you, apart from the financial front.

You also have the choice of an implant-supported dental bridge. They will be relatively less costly than standard dental implants but serve similar steadiness in terms of structure. However, it is important to note an implant-supported dental bridge consists of two surgeries. The first surgery involves inserting the implants in your jawbone, and the second warrants placing the bridge. This procedure can also be comparatively longer than other procedures.

Some insurance plans cover dental bridge costs, while others cover implants. You will need to check with your doctor and your insurance to find out your plan covers.

Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can lead to needing dental treatments. Periodontitis or cavities leading to tooth decay can cause tooth loss. Both of these conditions are caused by consistent bacterial buildup around the teeth.

Periodontitis occurs when plaque and bacteria gather and give rise to inflammation and different infections that diverge beyond the first stage. This can strengthen deeper and spread into the gums, negatively impacting the health of your bones and teeth.

Untreated cavities can ultimately lead to tooth loss. With bacteria growth in plaque, your teeth can begin decaying. Bacteria feeding on sugars left untouched on your teeth release acids that affect the health of your teeth.

When more than two teeth begin falling out, it can be a cause of concern. Every tooth serves a purpose, and the loss of even one can shift your teeth. Other teeth will have to put in extra effort to fill in the gaps, and you may have to opt for dental implants, dentures, or dental bridges.

Schedule an Appointment

If you want to know more about dental implants, dentures, or bridges and what your options are for replacing missing teeth, contact Cleary Dental at (856) 528-8607 to schedule an appointment. After meeting with our dentists, you'll have a much clearer idea about what you want to do.


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